A rather large picture, but this is because it is intended for full-screen on a relativly modern PC (that is to say, big monitor, hi-res) If you would like to try and view this at full screen try pressing "F11" now, it is one of the keys above (and a little left) of the "insert, home, page up" keys.

This is an entire site. Or more to the point, the navigation area for an entire site. I notice that all the section have been grouped, and their respective contents places in the group - this allows for quick navigation upon entering the site, however in order to view the material you select this navigation screen will dissapear, causing annoyance if you then want to change page. Incidently, this is why my website has the navigation on the left and top at all times. You may not be able to see it at the momen becuase you are in the exam section of my site, which (for obvious reasons) will not become public until after moderation.