Sadly, John Leigh of is no longer able to host my site, and so it unavailable for the forseeable future. I thank John Leigh for his major contribution to my site.

I will continue to work on Oratory Hell 2, and will place it on when it is complete - those of you on my mailing list will be informed when I do so. For those who are not on my mailing list, you can email me and I will inform you when it is complete (sometime over the summer holidays).

If anyone is able to host my website, I would be more than grateful! The site totals at about 500Mb, but discarding the unimportant stuff it is about 200Mb. Anything is appreciated - just enough space for OH2 would be fine (~5Mb)!

Thanks to all my viewers - the amount of complaints I got about the site not working has rekindled my desire to finish what I started!

Robert Meerman