February 28, 2002

I intend to look at representation through imagery - I want to explore how pictures are interpreted by the viewer, how these pictures are created, and how they are reproduced. I hope to look at what makes a good photograph, how to make cartoons and methods of manipulation (of pictures).

Art, in my opinion, is something; no, anything, created from inspiration. This is why films created by individuals and companies alike, are almost always art. I understand that my definition is a very broad, but then as a race and a culture we are constantly surrounded by art, our homes are works of art, the music we listen to is art and the very clothes we wear are art.

Music can be considered art. While I was arguing with a friend over the definition of art my friend raised a valid point: Artists are not necessarily the performers. "The artist is the person who creates the ideas" - the instructions for the work; for instance, take Mozart - he does not perform the music he wrote, but he is still considered the genius behind it - and similarly Shakespeare never got on stage to perform his plays, though he is the accreditied one.

Using this definition, and keeping in mind that the thoughts that create the substance are the art, I would like to look into visual art. During which I will look into animation and cartoons, both of which I believe to be very interesting and clever.

Cartoon: The representation of something complex like a face, through something simple like a smiley face.
Animation: Using sequences of still images to portray movement.