Oratory Hell II: Vengence
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Preview of animation:

A preview version of the animation is available at the link below. Please remember it is not final, so I appreciate email about what you did and did not like! Thanks in advance!

Click here to View Animation (incomplete)

In addition to this, you can download a viewer and the animation itself, so you can add this to your weekly downloads in GetRight or whatever.


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Povey rubbing his handsRamble

"Oratory Hell II" is the sequel to an animation I made while at the Oratory School, Reading (UK). The original was quite popular, and was circulated via email to most members of the school ( both students and staff ), and I still get pestered occasionally to finish this sequel - which has been in the works for over a year now, almost 2!

Unfortunatly, all this time does not mean the ending is going to be fantastic, it really means I got distracted by starting Univeristy studies and all the things that come with that! I'm quite active in the University's Anime & Manga Society, as I write this I am president of the society! I get a lot of exposure to animation now, and so you can expect a marked difference in my style of both drawing and animating!

The story

A rough outline of the story: Oratory Hell II (OH2) picks up from where the first one left off; that is to say that it explains all the talking in the first one. For instance the talking in Chuddy's room about executing a plan tomorrow at midnight was about the plans for moving Faber into Carmel in the first term (yes, the FIRST one, not the second as it resulted), the plan was for Namkwan to buy Chuddy some more time by swapping the house order - to make St John suffer Carmel before Faber.

Also Gato (the smoker) was killed by Povey for more than just smoking ( a death penalty for smoking is a little harsh, even for the Oratory ). Gato had uncovered sensitive documents that outlined the real reasons for sending us to Carmel. Povey found this unacceptable and killed him with the excuse of smoking.

Naturally we (Chuddy's crew) are not going to take this lying down, and Chuddy is leading a rebellion against Povey lead us to a "brighter, glare-free, future".

The story of the first one was finalised a long time ago, then lost for a decent length of time when I was working out how OH2 ought to work, and then rediscovered when I no longer needed it, and havn't got the voices recorded in the way I'd like anyways! I've managed to work with what I have recorded, and have sketched (rather poorly) my plans on how the series will finish. You can view it in the storyboards below.

Conceptual Art

Below is a concpet idea I drew in a Mechanics lesson, please note that I am right handed, and that my right arm was in a cast due to a fractured elbow (I managed to jump at some speed and grab a football goal's crossbar, and then try to brake my ensuing fall using my elbow.. ).


The script

Yes! there is actually a script for this one! I have decided to upload the 3rd draft, this is in fact out of date, and I may or may not correct it in the future..

[25 July 2003]: I will not be updating the script, as this is in fact the only copy I have - the original paper version is somewhere at the Oratory School in the art department. While it is a real shame that I don't have it anymore, I think it would be very nice indeed if some other students find it useful or even get some inspiration from it.

[29 April 2004]: I have in fact found the original Word Document this was printed from back, though it's a bit late to make much use of it. Still, the original scripts can be downloaded below!

Download the script (Upper Sixth Faber review.doc 44kb MS Word XP)

The Script (scanned in)

This is the above, but with all of the scribbling and ammending that has been going on during the voice recording sessions.. I have a few outtakes from these sessions in MP3 format, which I will upload sometime.. (Outtake meaning someone messed up their line).

Script (Pg 1)Script (Pg 2)Script (Pg 3)Script (Pg 4)Script (Pg 5)Script (Pg 6)

Please click on a picture to download the large version (~80kb each) or click below to download all six in WinRAR (.rar) format

Download ScriptPages.rar (493kb)


Yup - this is a proper animation - complete with incomplete storyboards - I will do some more once I have gotten a feel for the animation!

[26 Dec 2002] I have managed to LOSE my gorgeous blue OH2 folder, I had to submit it for marking with my Art A2 Level work, and so it is still at the school, I have the feeling that my art teacher will snatch it up and use it as an example to the lower years ( this seems to be traditional ). Which is a shame, as I cannot complete my storyboards unless I print these out.. and that would just feel wrong. Instead I just pencil what I want in Flash, and then go over it drawing it neatly.

It may interest you to know that I did pages two and three while my right arm (which I draw with) was in a cast from a fractured elbow. Also, I did pages two and three in Mr. Poveys physics lessons.. he even caught me at the end!

Storyboard - Title ScreenStoryboard 01 (Scene1)Storyboard 02 (Scene 1 > 2)

Please click on a picture to download the large version (~150kb for the light ones, ~250kb for the darker ones) or click below to download all three in WinRAR (.rar) format. Apologies about the poor quality of the latest storyboards, I don't have a scanner handy, so I used my camera and took a photograph.. it meant that I couldn't compress it well like the last ones due to a lot of noise in the photograph.

Download Storyboards.rar (999kb)

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