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This section is almost obsolete - My entire site is dedicated to my art - so really you ought to be looking in the Animations sections, and the Galleries. This section is more about things that are "pure art" if there was such a thing. In other words this is all the experimenting and meandering.

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I have now finished my time at the Oratory School, and so I can now publish my art work from the Upper 6th.

Please click here to be taken to my exam site.

Please click here to be taken to my dissertation mini-site (an incomplete work)

This is a 1024x768 wallpaper

19/09/02: This is Bobo, Ricky's pet dog in Hong Kong. I did this after experimenting a little with photoshop, and I finally found out how to get the strip effect ( which you cannot see in the thumbnail very easily ). If you want to know how here it is:

  • Make a new empty layer which is topmost
  • Fill it with grey (#CCCCCC)
  • Set your foreground and background color swatches to Black and White
  • Choose Filters > Sketch > Halftone > Lines
  • Now change the layer blending MODE (not effect) to "Soft Light"

The blurred portion on the right is so that desktop icons in windows are still easy to read.

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