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19th April 2002: This is my first successful 3d modelling session's results. It is in fact a 2 faced head a demon on one side and what you see on the other. I cannot figure out how to rotate in the program I made it in (ZBrush) I think I may have inadvertantly converted it into a 2D drawing. Irritating.

Demon Head

19 Apr 02: And here is something else I made while experimenting in ZBrush.


Below is some of my older stuff.. these are taken from a video that you can download from the bottom of this page.

The start of the anim - four shiney poles start to bend ...... the poles turn to wireframe ..... and continue to wrap around themselves.. after a flash of light there is a room.

Download the video clip here. (3.53Mb .MPG)

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