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Here is my video collection - this is full of amusing crap that I have either made of collected (I would like to add that anything I didn't make myself I have asked the permission of the owner (except for 1 or 2)).

The new additions are highlighted by a light blue background.

16/06/03: Headbang, Caterpillar on Tie, Out of the Jungle 1 and Out of the Jungle 2 added from my 4th form archive.
15/06/03: "Punch Onwards" added, including about 8-9min of footage of everyone after the incident

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The 4th Form Review
Ben Aldworth chills
9.61Mb (.MPG)

The original, unedited, uncut and unimproved 4th form review. Brought to you in incredible quality Mpeg! This was made by Harry Coade whilst we were all forth formers (1998). I captured it onto my computer - and well here it is.

Pictured left: Ben Aldworth

Made in 1998.

The 5th Form Review
The 5th form posse
11.8Mb (.RM)

Recompressed to 11.8Mb from 177Mb and now available in RealPlayer format (yes, I am afraid you do need to use that horrendus program to view this file - it was this or a 65Mb MPEG file.. )

Pictured left: Ed Couldrey, Lawrence Roycroft, Mike Veit, Allen Wight, Cameron Smith and Rian LeFranc

Made in 1999-2000 (5th form) but not released until L6 form.

Punch Onwards
The 5th form posse
High Quality | Low Quality
42.7Mb (.AVI DivX 5.0.5)
12.1Mb (.AVI DivX 5.0.5)

After the rugby club dinner in my final year, some of my friends got a little drunk, and there was a brief moment of violence. For some inexplicable reason, I was in the room playing with a Digital video camera.. this is the result. I want to share it becuase, other than the punch, it captures what life was like in my final year at school. And it is always fun to see Simon Flynn drunk :)

Pictured left: Paul DeSouza, and a bit of Will Atkinson

Made in 2002 (U6th form) but not released until June 2003.

Igor & Harry's Music Clip
Harry (left) and Igor
4.02Mb (.MPG)

Another of Harry's incredible video clips - this one he made at about the same time as the fourth form review. (1998). Harry is the one on the left in this picture, and Igor is the one on the right.

Made in 1998.

Stu screaming an insult at me
250Kb (.MPG)

This is Stuart in his natural state - captured from a video I made backstage at a play in Junior House. Memories.

Made in 1996. (Second Form in Junior House)

Goodbye JH!!
Stu saying goodbye to JH
360Kb (.MPG)

Another first! This is the exclusive, and previously unseen, Stuart. This was filmed by me in JH during (literally) our last hour of being a part of JH! (O how sad...)

Made in 1996.

Stuart Crisp
Stu eats a Walkers crisp
2.67Mb (.MPG)

Here we have a covert capture of the strange and rare crisp-eating Stuart. I was attempting to hide a camera in my room when Stuart came in and started mucking around infront of it, little did he know I caught it all on video!

Made in 1998. Phat.

Stoo Cola
Stu drinks some Coke
3.85Mb (.MPG)

This is the créme de la créme of my collection!! This is Stuart McSweeny in the fourth form ( God, we did have a lot of free time then... ). Here is an advert we made during a "games" time - when we are supposed to play some sort of sport. Stuart us the start, I (Rob) did camera, Stephan did nothing, Oscar Ancliffe did the head banging to some Prodigy music and Mike Smith was apparently the Technician, though I do not have a clue what he did...

Did I mention this is the highest quality clip on this page?

Made in 1998. Download it now.

James P
James being himself - only yonger!
230Kb (.MPG)

An absolutely classic clip of James - some things never change!! Who iz da illest?

This was taken backstage at the Junior House production of "James and the Giant Peach", that is the peach behind James.

Made in 1996.

Nam - An Intro
Nam appears on tape!
1.16Mb (.MPG)

Another backstage video clip - From left to right: Andrew McAlister, Namkwan Cho, James Pettifor.

Made in 1996.

Nam - Twilight Zone
Nam threatens the human civilisation
1.46Mb (.MPG)

This is one of my best clips! Namkwan making an absolute fool of himself! He has regretted doing this for many years (he is easily embarrassed). Unfortunately he left at the end of 5th Form and is no longer with us (though he is not dead, just gone).

Made in 1996.

Vic avoids the camera
166Kb (.RM)

Taken during the summer of my 4th form ( I know because of the nifty power in the background ). Oscar Ancliffe headbands to Prodigy ( I know I know.. )

Made in 1998.

Caterpillar on Tie
Vic avoids the camera
146Kb (.RM)

Complete with originally misspelt file name, we see Ocscar Anicliffe being caught unawares by a caterpillar crawling up his tie. (Note this was taken with an Infrared camera, which is why his eyes are glowing)

Made in 1998.

Out of the Jungle 1
Vic avoids the camera
111Kb (.RM)

Stuart McSweeny had the fantastic idea to put the camera in my hair, which was less than tidy and short, while Oscar Ancliffe watches in the computer screen and gives his approval.

Made in 1998.

Out of the Jungle 2
Vic avoids the camera
196Kb (.MPG)

Stuart McSweeny's hand attacks the camera man in the wilderness of the jungle (Stoo's hand Vs Toy camera, in my hair).

Made in 1998.

Vic avoids the camera
234Kb (.MPG)

This is a very badly captured moment of Victor, he is in the third form and this video was taken in my forth form room.

Made in 1998.

Alex (G) crashes into my beloved poster (which was stolen over the summer room change from 4th to 5th form.. the bastards!)
670Kb (.MPG)

This is probably the first video that I captured once Alex (Getty) brought his camera in. That is Alex Getty's voice in my room. He is dissing my poster of the tropics - my home at the time.

Made in 1998.

N64 Controller
Jason and Stephan play ISS98 (in game sound included)
900Kb (.MPG)

Welcome to the wacky world of Cyprit boredom. I took this in Cyprus in my room during the summer of 1999 (I think). Jason Trifourkis and Stephan (my brother) are playing ISS 98 on the Nintendo 64 - the sound is the actual game music, and I just thought that this worked quite nicely.

Made in Summer 1999.

Jason Concentrate
Jason works for that goal - no blinking!
638Kb (.MPG)

Also taken in the summer holidays at my home in Cyprus we have Jason Trifourkis (again) and again he is playing ISS64 on the N64 - look at the concentration on his face - notice that he does not blink until the goal is scored. Again the sound is from the actual game as he played.

Made in Summer 1999.

Achi Vader
Achi and Rob rapping it to ya
7.39 (.MPG)

A peak into the going-ons in Rob's room on an average night.

Mike Smith holding the camera, Rob (me) doing most of the miming and Achi learning the words!

Made in Summer 2001

Rob and John (Boys + Toys)
Rob and JohnB fighting with light sabers
6.92Mb (.MPG)

John (left) and myself (guess) are messing about with some mop handels we borrow from the cleaners. We had to promise to not break them; we did so. Naturally, we did break them. Here is the video I used to make the one below..

Summer 2001

Rob and John (Jedi Masters)
Rob and JohnB fighting with light sabers
338Kb (.MPG)

The Census 2001 had some truth in it - many of the student in Britain are strong with the force, as this video of two Jedi masters shows!

Summer 2001

(If you want to know how I made it email me

Rob Mimes Vader
Rob miming some more of Bentframe's dope shit!
5.47Mb (.MPG)

Me acting the pratt. Bentrframe rules (

Summer 2001

Pepparami Horror
1.01Mb (.QT)

A Pepparami Advert - Horror.

I love these ads so I thought that they deserved a place here on my site!

Download it now.

Pepparami Wimp
Super classic
498Kb (.QT)
  A Pepparami Advert - Wimp.

Pepparami Kebab
Ultra Classic!
1.03Mb (.QT)


A Pepparami Advert - Kebab.

This is the best of the lot - if you are only going to download one of these three ads it should be this one!


Fart within the Matrix
Damned funny :)
2.15Mb (.MPG)


A short parody of some scenes in the Matrix. It's good, watch it.


Anime Mascot's Day Off
Anime - TRUE.
2.93Mb (.MPG)


The Whazzup crase, in anime form.

3D Studio Max Art
My lame 3D stuff
Please see 3D Art Section
  Please see my Art section for all this stuff.

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