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Since sometime in late 1998 I have been following the progress of, I saw it when it was just a lowly personal website of Tom Fulp, to what it is now - the most active Flash animation community and showcase I know. There is a lot of crap on this site ( including pop-ups ) but there are enough gems to make it all worth-while!

In my free time (usually on holidays) I like to animate. Below is a collection of my acceptable works, the first one on this page (the blue picture with an island on it) is my first proper animation. Compare it to what I have done of Oratory Hell 2 and you can see the progress!


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Paphs Strikers Campaign 2000
Paphos Strikers Campaign 2000

This was is the result of my first full blown attempt at making a Flash animation - it even has sound! (although it is not synchronized or anything - I was not that good!

Perhaps someday I will get around to fixing the sound, but I doubt it.. I doubt it very much.

Last updated: 3rd August 2000

Oratory Hell: Ye Olde great Escape
Oratory Hell: Ye Olde Great Escape

This is the first installment of Oratory Hell: Ye Olde Great Escape. This is a greatly souped up version because it was submitted into the Faber Revue as the LVI effort. (Hence all the voices). This is sort of a private joke, please use the link below to gain a better understanding of its humour.

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Last updated: 6th December 2000


Oratory Hell II: A Leader is Born

Here is the sequel to Oratory Hell: A leader is Born

This animation follows on from the first, and even explains what the first one is all about (the first one was never actually finsihed becuase of the Faber Revue's deadline).

Like the one before it, this is pretty much a massive private joke for the inhabitents of The Oratory School, Reading (UK), but unlike the one before it, this has some actual animation, and is far more coherent!


Last updated: 29th April 2004


Bruce's Day Out (finished but incomplete)

This is something I was working on - it was going to be really good and interesting - but I never finished it. I am lazy. Then I needed to submit it as art for my AS and I managed to make enough bull about the process, along with my first Oratory Hell - and I ended up with an "A" :) mad skillz.

It's basically about that blue thing in the picture to the left - he's Bruce and he is hurt living at the RSPCM (Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Mosquitos), but that place gets bombed.. and well I never got any further than that.

It is also the first animation I made with my Wacom Tablet pen drawing thingy. Y'know - a pen and magnetic tablet.


The Shit Slayer (finished but incomplete)

Here is another animation I was working on a while ago. But I managed to lose the source files while travelling from home to school. I found the .swf file and so now I can show what I had done.

The idea was to make a bad-arsed "hero" who would go through the portal and "slay" all the shite entries.

I only got as far as one of the silhouettes smoking a cigarette.

Last updated: 20th December 2001

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