Oratory Hell: Explanation
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This page is intended for people who are not members of, or have not been to, the Oratory School in Woodcote, Reading in the UK.

The front of the school  

This it the Oratory School - it is a school in Reading in the UK where I live for most of the year. It is isolated on the top of a hill and has its own climate (i.e. always misty, wet and dark). And to add to the happy atmosphere there are no girls, just a few female cleaners, dinner ladies and the like. (And a couple of teachers who claim to be female, though their claims are doubtful.)

Everyone in this place is mad, or is on their way to it.

Namkwan (left) and Chuddy  

Then of course there are these two characters. The ninja dude on the left is Namkwan. He is a friend who no longer is at the school - he escaped after his GCSEs. I have known him since I was 11 in Junior House. He is a black-belt in taekwondo (someone correct my spelling: meermanr@oratory.co.uk)

The dictator slapper is Chuddy. He is a friend who is still at the school. Yes, that long, unspellable name in the animation is in fact his real name (except the "Master Mind" bit). He is from Nigeria and wants to be its next dictator + he loves history and war (and the history of war too for that matter).

Mr. Povey prepares to pass sentence  

Ahh! Then of course there is the apex of fools: Mr. Povey. This is the housemaster of Faber House. (See the school is divided into different houses, four in fact - and each has a teacher in charge. So basically he is acting in "Loco Parentus" which is Latin (I think) and means he acts in place of my absent parents).

Now this man is a fool. And he does speak like the impression (almost).

One last thing about this picture - that symbol on the front of the desk is a simplified and modified version of the school crest.

Gato prepares for his sentence  

This is Gato. (Another friend - though not one I have known for very long!). He is the smoking Spaniard. This guy is famous for smoking - the only thing about the drawn cartoon of him that is accurate is his expression and his hair. In reality he looks much scruffier!

And the blue thing he is on is a glitch I have never been bothered to fix - and probably never will...

Mr. Povey executes his sentence   This is the classic moment of the animation. Mr. Povey (AKA Slapper or Slaps) takes some decisive action. I like this still picture so I thought I would put this picture in!

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