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Panasonic MPEG plugin for FlaskMPEG
Download (.cm.flask) 81.5Kb

Save this file to your FlaskMPEG directory, and then simply run FlaskMPEG and it will be a new option in the plugins folder!
Sony Misc. Software - CMD J5
(.ACE 3.23Mb / .ZIP 4.96Mb)

The Sony modem drivers for the J5 and a load of misc unlockers:

  • Sony soft service (c) andastar° gsm hobby 2000
  • Sony Service Software Ver. 2.0
  • Sony CMD-C1 unlocker via IMEI v0.3b
  • J5 Z5 Unlocker Made By Pascal
  • J5 Manual (Acrobat PDF)
  • SMS Master v1.11
  • GL1 Loader
Hope that you find it useful - if you have ANY luck with the software please email me.
8000+ Icons (see Misc. section) I had 8000+ icons lying about (one of which is used at the top of every page!). I thought I would upload and share them! Enjoy.
C-Dilla update for Windows XP
(.ZIP 1.03Mb)
If you want to run 3D Studio Max R4 on Windows XP then you will need this update.
Updated C-Dilla keygen
(.ZIP 11.9kb)
(For use with 3D Studio Max R4) Use this to get 3D max up and running.
Macromedia Flash MX (v6.0) Standalone Player
(.EXE 800kb)
Download and run this once to associate it with .swf files. From then on when you open a .swf file it will be in a seperate little window ( and not Internet Explorer, or Netscape )

ED2K Hash
Website | Download (v0.3.3d, 71kb)

This nifty little utility will "hash" your files, which means it will scan through them and give you the unique eDonkey2000 ( hence ed2k ) hash which you can use on any client of the eDonkey2000 peer-to-peer file sharing system.

I currently use eMule, and I highly recommend it.

This is relavent to Anime, because I use this nifty little util to generate the ed2k hashes, and then I paste them into the "ED2K Dump" page at, they get added to my online list of Anime, without me having to trawl through series and so on adding each episode manually.

Website | Download (v5.0.5, 3.17Mb)

DivX Video Codec ( Compressor / Decompressor ) has become the standard format for internet video.

I have used it on some of the newer videos on this site. Note that if you have an older version ( even v5.0.4 ) you need to upgrade to view a video made with v5.0.5 (such as Punch Onwards).


eMule is a peer-to-peer file sharing client which utilises "The Donkey Network", which is based on the older eDonkey2000. eMule is open source, and hence recieves more attention than the original, which keeps it up-to-date and compatable.

I recommend this to anyone with a reasonably fast internet connection ( as it has a tendancy to interfere with normal internet useage on slower connections ), who love downloading rare films and programs.

Using certain websites (such as and you can find ED2K links, which when clicked start a download in eMule... it's slow, but it works!

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