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eMule P2P Client

eMule is a peer-to-peer file sharing client which utilises "The Donkey Network", which is based on the older eDonkey2000. eMule is open source, and hence recieves more attention than the original, which keeps it up-to-date and compatable.

Media Player Classic

Definetly my media player of choice! The people I have shown it to have also adopted it, because it is simply so damned good - it does everything you want, doesn't try to organise your media, wont make popups, actually IS able to tell you why a file wont play ( not just a cryptic error ) and also boasts being kept very uptodate!

AniDB (Anime Database)

The ultimate Anime DataBase website, because it not only allows you to catalogue which episodes/series you have, but even lets you keep track of which ones you have watched, how large each of your files is, which groupd subtitled it (if applicable) and will even recommend series based on the rating you give when you vote on other series.

To make best use of this site, you probably need an eDonkey2000 client ( such as the popular eMule ) or at least ED2K Hash ( see the Programs page )


John Leighs website - he has contributed much to my website's cause - mostly hosting it for 2 years!

New Grounds Flash-movie Community

The very best site on the net!! This is a site dedicated to Flash animations and games. Play assassin and kill celebrities, go to the music video section and hear the Star Wars Gangsta Rap!

My Website

This website. I would recommend using the first link
(Note: RobMeerman is one word)
Also note that the "" does NOT have www. or .com in it.

Hotmail Free web-based email

The first and best free internet email service, I actually joined before it was bought out by Microsoft.. I remember I preferred it before the take over, but I cannot remember why. Brilliant little site - type in your full email address (like your work/school email address) and your password and your away - a lot like Hotmail only it works on most non-web-based addresses (such as work and university email addresses)
Same as above only for WAP phones, and Pocket PCs (or similar)

Asta la vista

The best underground search engine, crack and hack galore! (Beware x-rated adverts)

New Order

The best source for underground security hacks, phone phreaking and more.


The best search engine - for sure.
Web Brain
Think of it as a search engine for when you are bored, or not worried about specifics.

Trillian Instant Messenger

Trillian (Pro) Messenger is the ultimate instant messenger software - it combines Yahoo!, AOL, IRC, ICQ and MSN Messnger into one contact list, and supports full skinning.

I use it because I hate the "assuming" way MSN Messenger works, I don't want windows popping up while I am in the middle of drawing out a very careful trace and then having it lost because the new MSN chat window stole system caret.

Jason's Website Jason Trifourkis' website - you may notice he is an avid supporter of Brazil
Ilona's Website Ilona's (previously known as Peppi) website - photos and info on Finland!
Flying-Bike Brian Teeder's website (where I copied photos of Yenzi, Gabon from)

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