Is Norris House Doomed?
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Norris house is structurally unstable and no-one is allowed in!

I was chatting to Javier Esteve on MSN when he mentioned that the floors of the physcis dept. are all curved and no one is allowed in! I checked this with Chris Miros, working in the ICT centre at school, and it is true - here is what he told me through ICQ:

"Well, basically, they had some guys in to check out the walls, and they determined that it was safe to knock through the two chemsitry walls to make one big room.
However, they were looking at plans from when the building was first errected and since then some structural changes had been made, like the new floor at the top of Norris and so when they removed the wall, the floor above began to bow inwards."

I asked for some photos and he replied:

"Sorry, I haven't got any photo's, no one is allowed into Norris at the moment
they are afraid that if anyone moves around too much the whole building may collapse."

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