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Whilst looking for interesting ways to make trippy patterns and other arty visual effect I came across a website called Motordrive. Below are a collection of interesting clips that they have made, some of which I hope to use in my animation.

You can see the seems between the two layers. Look at the left and right-most edges of the rings and you can see a small overlap. It is more noticable at the very top and bottom of the sphere.

Clever use of frame-offsetted symbols (loops) create this effect.

Good use of shape-tweening.

Good use of layers gives this depth.

A masterfully produced work. This rotating ring has shape tweened objects, which operate independant of the root timeline. The constant loop of text across the centre adds to the effect, while the invertion is nothing short of brilliant.

Good use of loops and colour gradients.

Good use of transparency gradients and symbols (frame-offsets in loops).

A very cleverly arranged loop. Each pill (red and white cap) is a single symbol, which has been duplicated at different angles and frame-offsets (as with all of the above).

More good use of frame offsets and symbol duplication.

An interesting looped symbol gives a very different effect.

By creating a growing stem, and then forced the camera to follow the head an interesting effect is produced above.

Use of differently lengthed loops lead to this seemingly unlooped animation.

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