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This is an idea for a sketch which parodies the Think! campaigns that were run on TV a while back.

This is the logo of the Think! campaign which I hope to both use an parody, perhaps in a contrast.

I also have the video which inspired this idea, click here to view it. (Choose "open from location" is prompted)


I will sketch my idea on some lined paper now, and scan it in someother time to be included below.

The genereal gist of the sketch is that someone is driving down a road and sees a colourful ball roll out from behind something into the road. Then the screen splits showing two alternatives:

1. The driver calmly places his hand on his chin and thinks "hmmm", by which time he hits a child who runs onto the road.

2. The driver panics at the sight of the ball and slams the brakes, only just avoiding the kid.

Then some sort of moral-type screen comes up with the advice to "react" and not think.

I tried sketching the idea on my tablet, but it never came out right, maybe it is just too late to be working on my art, or maybe I should stick to sketching by hand, and carefully and tediously animating on pc.

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