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Robert Meerman / Amanda Meerman
Summer Hols 2001

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It was a disgusting decision to go on this trip. But we did. And we loved it. Every second of the baking heat, every drop of 40°C water from the soft (probably melting) plastic bottle. And we loved the endless soups, the grit in our food, the occasional insect that came to add protein to our diet. But above all; we loved watching Terry load a gas canister into his stove.

  1. Terry holds the gas canister high above his head. The stove is buried in the sand, so that the puncture pin is facing Terry.
  2. Terry attacks the stove with afore-mentioned canister.
  3. Gratifying hiss of gas spraying everywhere, while Tery struggles to clamp them together leaves us all in hysterics.

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