Rob's Masterclass - Vol. 01
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This was written during my GCSE year at school and so it makes references to the school network and the restrictions of that system.
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======{ Vol. 1 }===============
Welcome to the first edition of
Rob's Masterclass. Tips and
tricks to make you all pros!

----=( Start Menu Tip for all Sixth Formers with User.dat files )=----

As many of you are aware, you can now save desktop settings etc,
perhaps something that not all of you are aware of is that you can now
change your startmenu! There are two ways of doing this - the first is
easier, the second is incase the first does not work.

If you can right click, do so on the start button and go to open, simple
change what you find to your liking and when you log off your changes
will be made permanent.

If you cannot right click edit a shortcut (hold down the ALT key and
double click one) and make it point to "C:\windows\rmdesk\start menu"
(please INCLUDE the quotation marks ( because of the space in the path))
Save you shortcut and double click it. In this folder you can edit your
menu and when you log off it will be made permanent.

---=( Other Misc Tips )=---
Here are some tips I know that I think many people will find useful and
wonder why Micro$oft never tell anyone:

~~~~[ Winkey ]~~~~
You know the WINKEY? (between ALT and CTRL) Well it has some
more interesting uses than just getting to the start menu. (NB many of these
will not work on a school computer unless you disable the restrictions
(but that is another topic all together). Hold down WINKEY and press:
R = Run Dialog ( type in a path and it will open)
D = Minimise all and show desktop
E = Open explorer
F = Find files dialog
Pause/Break = Open System Properties (I would not recommend this on a
school computer)

~~~~[ Ctrl ]~~~~
This is a power tip - and hence only power users will appreciate this one,
you know when you have loads of windows open there are loads of little
boxes on the start bar ( at the bottom of the screen)? and how clicking on
one makes that program come up? Well you can also right click on it to
get a menu and therefore close it - now here comes the clever bit!!!
If you HOLD DOWN CTRL as you click them you can SELECT
MORE THAN ONE! Which is very very useful becuase you can select
a butt-load of program and then right click on one and choose close,
and they will ALL (attempt) to close. (Attemp becuase some cannot
be closed, or ask whether you want to save etc etc)

Well that is the end of this first edition of Rob's Masterclass
Let me know whether this was a waste of space, confusing
or useful!


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